An application for engineering project estimation & material tracking


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Dispatch Module
Many of the activities to be carried out are triggered from the project during project execution. One of the key activities is material control and accountability. Material accountability for a project task is obtained by proper and systematic documentation of material dispatches, material returns, material wastage and material transfers. Reserving and un-reserving material for a project will give better control on project execution.
01 Dispatch Note

Dispatch materials related to Projects, either BoQ or Non-BoQ items considering wastage quantity distinctly.

02 Returns

Customer Returns related to Projects may be BoQ or Non-BoQ items.

03 Reservations

Material can be reserved for a project for future dispatches. Reservations prevent project engineers from stepping over each others foot and hamper execution by failing to dispatch as scheduled.

04 Associate Non-BoQ

Associate Non-BoQ Item dispatches to BoQ items mostly after obtaining amendments to project BoQ.

05 Track Serial Number

Allows to track serial number of the items dispatched.

06 Authorization Limits

Define approval limits to prevent exceeding dispatchs over certain percent of Estimated BoQ quantity.

07 Approval Process

Multi-step approval process. Iterations of Submit for approval and reviews and finally approve & dispatch.

08 Project Quantity Deviation

Review Deviations from Project BoQ and obtain Amendments from customer if required.

09 Project Costing and Earned Value Statement

This Module provides the major information to Project Costing and Earned Value Statement (Work Billable).

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