An application for engineering project estimation & material tracking


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Inventory Module
METS Inventory module helps to efficiently oversee the constant flow of units in and out of Stores. It keeps track of what has been received and what has been dispatched for various projects and also what has been transferred to sub-contractor/other organizations. Users can generate BIN Cards, Value of Stock and more in no time.
01 Close Inventory Period

Prevents Material Transactions once the period is closed.

02 Stock On Hand

Displays Stock on Hand details as of requested date for all inventory lots by brands in case of multi-brand items.

03 Stock Valuation

Displays a list of Inventory items and their value as of date.

04 Adjustments

For stock reconciliation.

05 BIN Card

Gives us details of item movement.

06 Track Serial Numbers

Configure items to track serial numbers for all material movements.

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