An application for engineering project estimation & material tracking


01 Setup 02 Proposal 03 Project 04 Procurement 05 Dispatch 06 Invoicing 07 Inventory 08 Service 09 Trading 10 Gas
Procurement Module
Being organized and delivering on time is crucial for engineering project management. Just by deducing ahead of time how long each leg of the project takes and scheduling the same is not enough for your team to stay on track. It requires the team to procure judiciously and manage materials efficiently along with close monitoring of change controls.
01 Purchase Order

Purchase Orders may be related to a single project, more than one project or it may be an in-house purchase.

02 PO Variance

Compare Purchase Price with Item Average Price and Project BoQ own material cost and view variances.

03 Direct Delivery

PO can be marked as Direct Delivery to Site.

04 Goods Receipt Note

On Goods Receipt, users have the option to reject material and return to vendor.

05 Authorization Limits

Define approval limits based on PO Total and Non-BoQ items.

06 Approval Process

Multi-step approval process. Iterations of Submit for approval and reviews and finally approve.

07 Change Control Management

Can amend PO after placement and track changes.

08 Vendor Invoice

Validate price and quantity against PO and GRN.

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