An application for engineering project estimation & material tracking


01 Setup 02 Proposal 03 Project 04 Procurement 05 Dispatch 06 Invoicing 07 Inventory 08 Service 09 Trading 10 Gas
Proposal Module
On client Request for proposal (RFP)/Request for quotation (RFQ) for a project user has to perform a detail study of the design and create a Bill of Quantities (BoQ). On obtaining the BoQ, a proposal is created keeping in view factors related material & work, time and material price volatility.
01 BOQ

Expedite creation by Import from Excel, or copy from similar proposal/project or copy from templates.

02 Costing & Sales Screens

Information confidentiality from sales and procurement (costing) team is maintained.

03 Costing & Pricing

Segregate cost and price to material and work (labor), freight, packing & forwarding charges, miscellaneous charges and taxes.

04 Client Item Details

Associate Client Item code/task and description and also specify additional descritption of item.

05 Approval Process

Multi-step approval process. Iterations of Submit for approval and reviews and finally approve.

06 Change Control Management

Amend Proposal during Technical/Design/Financial bidding and track changes.

07 Conversion

Once the Proposal is finalized convert the same into a project.

08 Customization of Screen

Data Grids can be customized as per user preferences.

09 Export to Excel

Data Grids information can be exported to Excel spreadsheet.

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