An application for engineering project estimation & material tracking


01 Setup 02 Proposal 03 Project 04 Procurement 05 Dispatch 06 Invoicing 07 Inventory 08 Service 09 Trading 10 Gas
Setup Module
Matter data which is common and shared across all organizations is defined using Setup module.
01 Organisations

Define organizations their inventory periods and report related logo file, headers and footers etc.,

02 User Authorization

Define who can access what and the level of authorization (view only, creates new and/or update allowed). Also can set authorization for who can customize reports and what reports templates are restricted for a user. Restrict information to single organization.

03 Approval Process

Set user limits for various business process approvals.

04 Items

Define items and their primary characteristics like item code, item category, inventory/service item, track serial number etc.,

05 Sequence Generator

Define format for sequence generation for various modules at Organization levels.

06 Tax-Structures

Various combinations of tax structures can be defined. Each combination can consist of upto six different types of taxes.

07 UOM & Conversions

Defines Unit of Measures and conversion from one unit to another unit.

08 Currency Codes

Defines Currency codes and conversion rates.

09 Work Force Skill Rates

Define work force charges per man hour for various skill set at organization level.

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