Despatch Module:

Many of the activities to be carried out are triggered from the project during project execution. One of the key activities is material control and accountability. Material accountability for a project task is obtained by proper and systematic documentation of material dispatches, material returns, material wastage and material transfers. Reserving and un-reserving material for a project will give better control on project execution.

Despatch Note: Despatch materials related to Projects, either BoQ or Non-BoQ items considering wastage quantity distinctly.

Returns: Customer Returns related to Projects may be BoQ or Non-BoQ items.

Reservations: Material can be reserved for a project for future dispatches. Reservations prevent project engineers from stepping over each others foot and hamper execution by failing to dispatch as scheduled.

Associtate Non-BoQ: Associate Non-BoQ Item dispatches to BoQ items mostly after obtaining amendments to project BoQ.

Track Serial Number: Allows to track serial number of the items despatched.

Inter-Org Transfers: Transfer material from one organization to another.

Transfer Stock to SubContractor: Transfer material from store to sub-contractors and vice versa.

Authorization Limits: Define approval limits to prevent exceeding despatchs over certain percent of Estimated BoQ quantity.

Approval Process: Multi-step approval process. Iterations of Submit for approval and reviews and finally approve & despatch.

Project Quantity Deviation: Review Deviations from Project BoQ and obtain Amendments from customer if required.

Project Costing and Earned Value Statement: This Module provides the major information to Project Costing and Earned Value Statement (Work Billable).

Customization of Screen & Export to Excel is common feature across METS.