Project Module:

Project BoQ is the governing document that establishes the means to execute, monitor, and control both material and work. However, change is something that is inevitable even with the most successful projects and handling change controls to Project BoQ is crucial for project management.

BoQ: Convert a Proposal, create from scratch by importing from Excel , or copying from similar proposal/project or copy from templates.

Task & Sub Task: Segregating BoQ by task and sub-task will give a good work break down structure and viewing information grouped by task, sub-task or combination of both gives a better perspective for analysis.

Attach Drawings: Upload/Download drawing and other soft copies related to project.

Approval Process: Multi-step approval process. Iterations of Submit for approval and reviews and finally approve.

Change Control Management: Amend BoQ during project execution and track changes.

Project Varaiance: On demand cumulative quantity/price variance of material.

Work Order: Sub-Contracting parts of Project and track their changes and Invoices.

Earned Value Statement: Just at a click it displays the total billable work done as of now.

Non BoQ Association: Association of Non-BoQ Item to project BoQ item once amendment is obtained.

Expenses & WorkForce Utilization:Record on site expenses incurred and work force engaged for executing a task.

Has all features related to Costing, Pricing and Client Item Details alike Proposal

Customization of Screen & Export to Excel is common feature across METS.